New England Residential complex

Renovation of a one-room apartment for a long-term rent

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New England Residential complex
Renovation of a one-room apartment for a long-term rent
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Our client had a clear goal in mind – to renovate an apartment in New England residential complex for long-term rent. The catch – to create a comfortable and modern dwelling that would be on high demand, however, not at a megabuck price. Both the client and our team agree that the we made it happen. Maybe left a bit too much money on the table with rent but all in good time=)
In a nutshell
New England residential complex, Mykhaila Maksymovycha str., 24, Kyiv
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The original layout was quite suitable: kitchen-living room 19 m2, enclosed balcony, bedroom. Overall area – 37 m2. The only difficulty was the bathroom but on that later.

As always we started out with client's expectations, sketches and concepts so we could grasp their vision of the whole.
What we had at the start and how we proceeded with renovation
In this project we accentuated several key visualizations, and having confirmed them with the client, set to work on the spot.
Walls smoothened and painted. Floors laminated and stretched ceilings set up.
Some detail
Remember the difficulty with the bathroom? Its main problem was the small size. It took us a great deal of engineering thought to allocate everything conveniently, aesthetically, and within budget all in one. The solution came in shape of an installation built-in the brick wall.

Although a shower-stall would have saved quite a bit of space, we eventually settled for a bath – it's more practical, more popular among tenants, and generally cheaper than a stall.
Bathroom fixtures came from Hansgrohe. We managed to purchase them at a good discount thanks to our long-term relationship with the partners. Almost all furniture was JYSK or IKEA.
Kitchen furniture and cupboards were completely tailor-made. We designed and assembled them on our own with the help of our furniture designer, constructor, and assemblers. We ordered materials from Viyar company. Since then we started assembling furniture on other projects as well. This way we don't have to depend on contractors whose work might not always live up to our standards.
What our budget actually went into was appliances. We opted for secure models of seasoned brands to make sure the owners wouldn't need to replace them every other year. After all, we emphasizes long-term rent.
Home appliances
Our client was pleased with the final look and the implementation. Full renovation including furniture and appliances resulted in $22 000.

During the final stage we compared rent prices throughout New England residential complex. The price averaged around 13-15 thousand hrn/month. Our client managed to rent his flat out on that very same day at 17 000 hrn/month.
What we had in the end and how much it cost
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