2-story house in Villaggo Residential Complex

One of the first houses we renovated on a turnkey basis.
«efore that in 99% of cases we were dealing with apartments.

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2-story house in Villaggo Residential Complex
One of the first houses we renovated on a turnkey basis.
Before that in 99% of cases we were dealing with apartments.
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This was one of the first houses we renovated on a turnkey basis.
Before that in 99% of cases we were working on apartments. The house itself was absolutely fresh: bare walls, floor with no screeds, specific roof aspects. The client, however, came with a design project and a big dream.
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Villaggo Residential Complex, Belogorodka village
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Our client was not inexperienced when it came to renovation, she was familiar with all the nuances, so she prepared her design project very thoroughly. The house was that innermost dream she was willing to fulfil in a special way.

Of course, we were touched by such eagerness, so we worked out a detailed estimate and set out to do our best.
Not just a project but a dream
This is when first lockdown strikes. It inevitably halts things to a pause. The client is asking to take a break, it isn't clear how things are going to turn out. And there is one other thing.

Once the estimate is signed, the prices get fixed. However, during lockdown any delays from the suppliers or other limitations may lead to price rises for materials for instance.

Luckily for us, when the first shock was withstood and we realized that lockdown was not an excuse to give up on a dream, and thus, we continued with works. A setback of a couple of weeks had little to no effect on deadlines.
At times something can go wrong
In the course of works we realized that renovating a house is a totally different story. There is a bunch of things to consider which would play a very insignificant part if any when renovating a flat.

For example, the client had a separate plan for heating the house. It is a smart move as experts would immediately take into consideration how to efficiently provide heating systems in the house. We did heat-insulated floors around the whole house and set up inverter air conditioners which can function at up to -15 degrees.

Another nuance lied in the roofing. We had to completely re-do the work poorly performed by the developer. Yes, it hits the budget, but when it comes to safety and comfort, there is no trade-off.

Another amazing extension to the house is a wood-burning stove on the first floor. Not only does it adorn the interior, but also creates a special atmosphere. Family gatherings, friend parties or just cosy evenings at the crackling fireplace are an experience to enjoy.
Remarkable aspects of the project
Certain issues and corrections are sure to appear while work is in progress. Do-overs were required after different contractors were involved, but in the end we always found the common ground with our client. More importantly, in 7 months the renovation was complete 100%.

We believe the project turned out quite interesting, cosy and modern. This house later hosted some filming of a series for channel 1+1.

Thanks to this project we acquired more experience of working with houses, optimized our processes, now we add more aspects regarding communication as well as external works on the agenda. We are still very proud of this dream-project.
Though not everything can go smoothly in the process, what is most important is a happy client and a magnificent final project
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